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Girona, Spain

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I’ve got cinderella (shoutout baybay) but where’s MY glass slipper?  I wanna golden ticket that fits me like a glove.  I wanna toss at the vicinity, or at least the globe, a card from the deck of my own velocity and make thunderclaps.  I wanna maybe know if you noticed the mark, a big burn mark like an asterisk.  I wanna make marks, I wanna make pen marks and grade A marks and point the Mark III and get all Mach 5 outta this bar.  I’ve got football pads and a stout box of ply.  I’ve lost my silhouette to this stout box and in it I do a massive job of sitting and you skate by and you leave yr mark on me like it’s nothing, and it may be nothing.  Here I am on the in-side, marking marks on the in-side, talking about marking up the in-sides of my box of armor full of secret graffiti and cave hands I’m a crazy hermetic architect marking fingerprint/blueprints, and I may not be designed for this box, buddy, but it sure was designed for me.



they say that hell is crowded, yet,
when you’re in hell,
you always seem to be alone.
& you can’t tell anyone when you’re in hell
or they’ll think you’re crazy
& being crazy is being in hell
& being sane is hellish too.

those who escape hell, however,
never talk about it
& nothing much bothers them after that.
I mean, things like missing a meal,
going to jail, wrecking your car,
or even the idea of death itself.

when you ask them,
"how are things?"
they’ll always answer, “fine, just fine…”

once you’ve been to hell and back,
that’s enough
it’s the greatest satisfaction known to man.

once you’ve been to hell and back,
you don’t look behind you when the floor creaks
and the sun is always up at midnight
and things like the eyes of mice
or an abandoned tire in a vacant lot
can make you smile
once you’ve been to hell and back.

~ from Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

If you ask my mother why this random shit is happening to you and seems to happen only to you she will tell you to play the lottery — the universe has singled you out, the luck you come upon is neither good nor bad but out of the ordinary. Use it.  Be thankful.  Spin no dramatizations, but rather, like the river that flows through you, flow through.

"I think a lot of art is trying to make someone love you."

Keaton Henson

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Amelia Giller

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Promo video for my friend Michelle’s online jewelry shop. SHOPNONHUMAN.COM 

Music by Monorose

I am surrounded by such talented people.  Check out shopnonhuman, it’s superhuman.

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